Pick a dream

These are lyrics I wrote for my band. Soon we’ll have the music as well. Keep you posted!

Stop looking in the rear view mirror
‘Cause you won’t see the road ahead
And looking back will make you bitter
Let’s chase happiness instead

We regret things we didn’t do
way more than the things we tried
So avoid the feeling blue
Let bold bravery be a guide

If this is the last day of your life
Would you be doing what your doing
If this is the last day of your life
Pick a dream that’s worth pursuing

Learn more than you can ever can
Change your mind is oh so clever
Swinging singing in the brainpan
All of that makes us live forever

Find the time to learn new things
As it is the oxygen to the brain
It will give creativity it’s wings
Improve life again and again


Momento mori up your mind
Carpe Diem is the answer
Staying sharp and be aligned
In the end we’re all just dancers

So dance your loving life away
Full of grace and with a smile
Moving gracefully through the day
Free your mind and go freestyle

Alt chorus
If this is the last day of your life
Just go crazy; start undoing
If this is the last day of your life
Live your dreams and start pursuing


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