Crazy ones

What makes you laugh?
What makes you adore?
What touches you?
What sticks?

Most of the time it is something out of the ordinary or extraordinary or beyond order, something with an emotional trigger. It’s how we remember best.

It’s the brain that wakes up from routine. The brain is a funny thing. It’s always busy saving energy, so anything that can be ‘automate’, it will. Labels, patterns, structures, It’s also predominantly a left brain operation.
Beyond the ordinary is where artists find their inspiration.

And yet, most of us try not to be out of the ordinary, but try to blend in. Being ordinary is a safe comfort zone. But that’s not where the magic happens, that’s completely outside comfort zones. It’s where inventions are made, where the best jokes come from, it’s the birth place of creativity.
It’s also where great brands come from, brands created by extraordinary people. People with a vision and the bravery to resist the usual and be different (thank you Steve Jobs).

Interesting is the fact that ordinary people admire extraordinary people, but the balance has to be right. Every company deserves one ‘crazy’ person, to stir things up, let in new air, new ideas (and get the freedom to do so). It’s good for business, because if you keep doing the same, don’t expect a different outcome.

This one’s for inspiration:

Make the extraordinary happen!

Gerard Hoff

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