Giving the idea is not giving the solution,
nor does it define the problem
the idea should work for.

Giving the idea
is giving a broader space
to de-problemise the problem,
defining it more positively
and make it more
easy to
find the


Talent hebben, is als kietelen.
Iemand anders moet het doen, om je te laten lachen.

Wees niet bang, laat je wat vaker kietelen.
Het lachen alleen al doet je goed voelen.

Nog iets,
een essentieel aspect van talent is niet bang zijn om te falen

Movement is the cause of all life

By changing, it remains the same.

By remaining the same, all around will change
and the question is, will the change be for the good or the bad (or the worst).

Everything changes all the time.
So in time, nothing will be the same. No-thing.

Change is the constant.

It’s what Darwin said:
It’s not the strongest that survive, but the ones that are most adaptable to change

Or as Leonardo da Vinci said:
Movement is the cause of all life

Go, move and don’t be the same.