HI versus AI, and the winner is?

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

That literally depends on the question.

Asking the question determines the outcome of what AI is going to create or the kind of answer it will give and it’s where Human Intelligence is best.

Asking the question, or in a more precise, defining the problem is a thing (only) humans can do. A good definition of the problem, makes the difference between fighting the symptoms or solving the core.

It’s like a great agency- or creative brief, hence my intrest.

Einstein said it: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge gets you from A to B, imagination will get you anywhere, or Picasso: Anything you can imagine is real.

Imagination, feeling, understanding, serendipity, original creativity, it’s where only humans excel and that’s great. It’s the continuation of ‘our’ evolution, creating a new space of being.

From Homo Sapiens to Homo Sentient, from “wise” or “intelligent” to “perceive” or “feeling”, again a great space to be.

Also a space where we can and have to embrace AI and start seeing the beautiful power. The positive potential is overwhelming. But like anything that’s new, we need to adapt, understand, learn, integrate, manage and yes it’s scary. But once we’re there a new world (and universe) will emerge.

I got this beautiful overview of shifts. That makes me feel very, very human:

From 3D to 5D

From teacher to inspirator
From study to growth
From healer to facilitator
From guru to guide
From boss to inspirator
From doubt to trust
From self doubt or hate to self love
From restriction to expansion
From relationship to sacred union
From mind to heart
From heart to expanded heart
From ego to soul
From conditioning to evolving
From slavery to abundance
From working to creating
From dis-ease to health
From aging to ageless
From hypnosis to expansion
From carbon to crystalline
From restricted DNA to activated DNA
From God outside to God within
From knowing to consciousness

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Pick a dream

These are lyrics I wrote for my band. Soon we’ll have the music as well. Keep you posted!

Stop looking in the rear view mirror
‘Cause you won’t see the road ahead
And looking back will make you bitter
Let’s chase happiness instead

We regret things we didn’t do
way more than the things we tried
So avoid the feeling blue
Let bold bravery be a guide

If this is the last day of your life
Would you be doing what your doing
If this is the last day of your life
Pick a dream that’s worth pursuing

Learn more than you can ever can
Change your mind is oh so clever
Swinging singing in the brainpan
All of that makes us live forever

Find the time to learn new things
As it is the oxygen to the brain
It will give creativity it’s wings
Improve life again and again


Momento mori up your mind
Carpe Diem is the answer
Staying sharp and be aligned
In the end we’re all just dancers

So dance your loving life away
Full of grace and with a smile
Moving gracefully through the day
Free your mind and go freestyle

Alt chorus
If this is the last day of your life
Just go crazy; start undoing
If this is the last day of your life
Live your dreams and start pursuing

The purpose of thought

The purpose of thinking is to let the ideas die instead of us dying – Alfred North Withhead

Evolutionary psychologists regard the ability to think as an adaption. Just like our sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing have been advantageous to our survival – so has thought.

Buddha had a similar idea, regarding the mind as an equal contributor to our reality as the other five senses. Our thoughts become another way to filter and interpret the world.

I like this interpretation, because it gives meaning to thought.


Giving the idea is not giving the solution,
nor does it define the problem
the idea should work for.

Giving the idea
is giving a broader space
to de-problemise the problem,
defining it more positively
and make it more
easy to
find the


Talent hebben, is als kietelen.
Iemand anders moet het doen, om je te laten lachen.

Wees niet bang, laat je wat vaker kietelen.
Het lachen alleen al doet je goed voelen.

Nog iets,
een essentieel aspect van talent is niet bang zijn om te falen