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I learned most from the diversity of people I worked with and have a mission to share this knowledge, insights, tricks and understanding. For that I created to workshops.

Depending on the request and objectives, they range from 1 day to a 3 day workshop. It can be individual or for groups (max 5). Send me your specifics and I’ll send a proposal.

Creativity Quake

Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought (Einstein).

In this workshops we explore many ways to see things differently, figuring out how asking a different question results in new insights and beautiful ideas and how the art of doing nothing is a great source of inspiration. It also teaches how to sell ideas, which requires the same amount of creativity.

Creativity Quake is useful for creatives, account people and marketeers and will change the way you see the world make you a genuinely a more creative person.


Strategy is figuring out what not to do (Steve Jobs).

In this workshop we learn to ask the right questions (using AI), collect insight, thoughts, ideas and the patience to let it sink in. We learn to think different, looking for the brief behind the briefing, how to write a creative brief, recognize a great idea and how to tell stories as part of our own selling strategy and why.

Strategenius masterclass in strategic thinking and doing. It’s useful for creatives, account people, marketeers and C-suit in understanding each other and make better decisions.


I have done several Keynote speeches (see below), but can depending on a specific topic, create tailor-made one. Ready to go speeches are:

  • ‘The power of old school branding in a social media driven world’
  • Fresh thinking: A new approach to old habits.
  • 12 rules to creative thinking.
  • Consultative selling, or how to sell creativity to left brainers.

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