It started with the request of creating a new website for ARHT replacing the old one, a company that does holographic projections around the world, and resulted in a complete make-over of the brand, logo, positioning and communication style.

Our credo was “Resist the usual” When the competition was still explaining the technology, ARHT went beyond the technology, showing the advantages.

Also we ‘redefined’ the competion. Not just companies offering Holographic Technology, but also airlines and travel companies and by doing so, we highlighted the service and the ‘make it easy’ aspect of ARHT, using ‘Space Time Travel Company’ as the driving idea and introducing Holo Sapiens.

The result is a free and dynamic design (space, airtliners) and challenging communication focussed on the advantages of using holographic projections. Besides creating impact as a presenter using this technology, it saves time and the planet. Biggest advantage? Be home for dinner.

Be there as a hologram

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