Their old name is Eco Wheat Collection and they produced straws and
cutlery made from wheat (imported from India and saved from being
burned, causing great pollution), instead of plastic. Their mission:
Create a plastic-free world!

When we had our first Soundboard session and advised against the
‘old name with some good arguments.

After that we came up with their new name Cyclups with plantastiq’ as
tagline. The driving idea is ‘Back to Nature’ (products and mindset),
which inspired the design of website, products, packaging and
communication our team created. The name PLQ is used as the nonplastic
granulate that can be used by third parties.

We trained their sales team, creating a sales presentation and created
Cyclups Academy, a series of lectures about mindset, non-plastic
products and a plastic-free world. Also our team wrote their blogs and
created their social media posts.

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