Our relation with Lovechock (chocolate made from vegan raw cacao giving farmers a fair price) goes way back, right to where they just started.

This time they came to us with a new brand that had to be introduced, called Little Love. It was targeted at supermarkets. in the process we found an old Mayan wisdom (see at the right) and we came up with the idea of “the first mindful chocolate in the world”. From there we created their (social) stories.

Parallel we re-positioned LoveChoc (the original brand, bio stores). We had to because ever since they started things have changed and many (private label) brands jumped in that cart wagon.

It’s LoveChock that started the movement of a chocolate that makes a sustainable contribution to the well-being of people and the planet, rewarding the farmers in a fair way. She’s ‘the mother’ of Little Love, so Little Love could ‘behave’ as the daughter, starting the new generation.

Check out little.love and lovechock.com