We had a Soundboard session with Satori, a fruit and vegetable
importer from farmers around the equator. They wanted to do
something against the waste of food and re-use residual flows.

We created a the brand name Van Kneus (which means From
Bruised), the brand strategy, brand design, packaging, products,
website and the business plan.

The objective is to reduce waste and stimulate a new mindset, where
‘bruised’ is still great and very tasteful.

The driving idea (translated) is: “If you look closer, you see beautiful
things” which has an amazing value and lesson in it.

Especially focussed on children we created Gromm. He lives in the
land that exists just between the cracks of your eyes. It’s beautiful and
mysterious and there’s more to it than you think. Certainly more things
than in the ordinary world, but you have to see them. He’s the spokes
person when it comes to new products for children like a pizza bottom
and how to decorate it with left-overs from the fridge

Check out www.vankneus.com