Less Profit, More Happiness

It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not.

The ideas is simple: Companies should define a profit ceiling. Anything they earn above, is used for positive investment like education, sustainability, pollution, improve farmer’s prices, equal opportunities, culture, the community, you get the idea.

Now what happens?

Employees who work for companies like that are proud (purpose) and more productive, more creative and willing to share ideas. Because they’re happy and proud, they will talk about it with at parties, social media, friends and family, (company branding) and attract new, like minded employees.

For Social Media, these companies have more to tell than just about their products or servies. They can show their ‘human’ side, which is more suitable for the channel and more interesting, which creates positive awareness.

Consumers are more inclined to buy products from companies that do good for the world and if the quality is good, will probably talk about it plus there’s already an increased visibility, so sales go up.

Bottomline: happy people (employees, suppliers, consumers, stakeholders), sales go up, production cost go down, profit goes up…. so more money that’s going to be positively invested.

In other words, we should invest in happiness. It’s (almost) a perpetuum mobile.

Gerard Hoff

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