Fresh thinking is base for fresh business. You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness
that created it, that requires fresh thinking
Turning activation into brand equity Long term brand building, short term sales
Change is growth The best base for profit
No Story, No Glory Without a story you're nowhere.

Having worked around the world in marketing, research & advertising, experiencing great cultures, shaped into what I am: a Creator of Stories and Strategies with strong business sense.

Hire me for brand strategy & identity, story creation, storytelling, brainstorms, creativity sessions coaching and brand activation.

Creating the story

Good strategies lead to great stories.

Strong brands are all about stories.

Look at Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Red Bull, Albert Heijn, Heineken, and the list goes on, including some of your start-ups and local SMEs. All brands that found the stories behind the functionality of the product. In fact life is about stories. Think how powerful they are. Some stories have been around for thousands of years…

Today, in a digital, social media driven world, we need stories again; as people, companies and brands. To be different, stand out, feel good, create awareness, to engage and to build a bond (with all stakeholders).

Find the story

Taking the time at the start to define the deeper, more fundamental problem that needs to be solved, the story beyond the story. Surpassing the (story of) competitors, differentiating and a source of inspiration.

Create the story

Don’t settle for mediocre. A challenging creative brief, inspiring insights and a clear playing field are the forces behind a deeper driving idea for executions that pave the road to success and the greatest stories.

Tell the story

The real works starts when it seems done. Finding the right people, making sure it’s happening the way it’s supposed to: Telling the story, reaching the right eyes (brains) at the right time with the most engaging impact.


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July 12, 2023/
10:18 am

is growth,
is nurture

Change is the only constant in life, and one of the most difficult challenges people have to overcome. I strive to work together, creating harmony, creating something that is greater than the sum of the parts.

How can
I help create a
the story?

Choose what resonates:

    BrainstormStrategy project (brand, activation, marketingI have some questionsCoaching (for brands or people)Workshops (strategy or creativity) or Keynote speaker


    Or give me a call or send a Whatsapp message: +31 618987510



    For the most important moment for IKEA Indonesia: The launch of the catalogue. , Gerard understands Indonesian culture and came up with the activation concept 'Friends from Sweden' (Teman dari Swedia, because you invite friends to your house) including an ABBA cover band and the Swedish ambassador.

    Eliza Fazia Brand Marketing Communication, IKEA Indonesia

    We called him Guru G when he came up with “European Design” for our Architecture and Build agency. Only when you hear it you wonder why didn’t we come up with it ourself (me and my partner are both from Europe). Now it’s implemented in website and all communication.

    Betrand Genoist Architect California (Los Angeles) , HOFF-GENOIST

    We needed a strong B-to-B approach and leasing concept and Gerard (and his team) came up with a clever concept and activation strategy. When I took it to Tokyo to present, that idea was implemented in the whole of Asia.

    Alan Cougant Vice president Sales Nissan Indonesia, NISSAN

    Gerard is clever with copy and strategy and was able of position back at a high qualitative level while keeping it accessible for the ‘normal’ Dutch people (no high-brow).

    Rainier Zweep Directeur SieMatic The Netherlands, SieMatic

    He worked as one of our consultants in Belgium and parallel had some suggestions for ‘freshing up’ the brand and proposition. Long story short: Th re-design of the logo and house style and position is still what we’re using today.

    Raf van Puijvelde Oprichter Directeur 4P SQUARE, Marketing Consultancy, Belgium

    He can be pretty confronting and straight forward, but sometimes that’s necessary. Today we have a powerful new brand name for the new non-plastic, a clear communication concept and an inspiring purpose: Back to nature. He’s Plantastiq!

    Bas Latten CEO Cyclups, The Netherlands

    Gerard Hoff

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