About Me

About me

I am known as an energetic, creative, hands-on strategist..

Creative Academic

After finishing university with a degree in marketing & market research and management & organization, I started as a marketeer. In my early career I worked for chocolate, coffee, Italian pasta sauces and cigarettes, the pleasures of life (at the time). It’s also when I learned about the power of brands and my passion and talent for it.

More brands

I moved to advertising because I could work for more than just a small number of brands and directly with creatives and clients (a perfect situation and the most interesting mix). Later I got the opportunity to work in research on Global brands. Sitting on all the data and information was like being in a candy store.

More insights

Working in Indonesia and Japan was one of the most insightful periods of my life, personally and professionally. Today my base is The Netherlands working on projects and with teams around the world. I love the cultural diversity, the stories and energy, which all is a source of inspiration on it’s self.

Inspiration and action

Along the way I developed a wide variety of product and category experience plus a set of approaches and methodologies. I quickly understand the problem(s) and able to quickly translate into inspiration and action. I am used working in International environments, handling complex challenges working with a variety of people.
I believe a good cooperation and output starts with a good conversation, so let’s start there.

Gerard Hoff

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