Real Estate NFT Exchange

Renexus is an interesting and still ongoing project.

The objective of the company, based in India with offices in Singapore and Dubai, is to help ‘small-pocket-people’ to invest in real estate, one of the strongest assets in the world (next to gold), using NFTs (yes Crypto currency) and generate a better ROI than a savings account.

In fact, we’re creating the first Real Estate NFT Exchange in the world. It’s a complicated and ‘scary’ thing, that’s why we made the driving idea as simple as possible and very pretty straight forward “Easy does it”.

The idea behind it, obviously, is that we make profitable investments accessible for common people. It’s still work in progress, but as we speak we have a community of almost 20.000 people investing and making profit.

We created the brand name and brand book and are currently working on the technical platform, the website, the introduction of a new token and the marketing around it.

So, still work in progress (we can share brand book when we meet)

Gerard Hoff

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