Master the Art of Business:
Transform Logic into Emotion

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In the world of business, the significance of emotion transcends the confines of conventional logic. Logic serves its purpose, undoubtedly – navigating us from point A to B, laying the groundwork for market entry. Yet, in a landscape teeming with competitors fixated on mere table stakes, the path to true success requires a departure from the status quo. Pouring more resources into media, SEO, and SEA, and crossing fingers for mere visibility, is a futile strategy.

We’re irrational creatures, triggered by emotions

Human decision-making, despite our belief in rationality, is inherently irrational. Descartes, among others, might have envisioned us as rational beings, but we’re rational creatures only when there’s an emotion grabbing for our attention. 

As David Ogilvy wittingly notes, advertising without emotional impact is like to a tall ship drifting in the dark…

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Imagination emerges as the true catalyst for business transformation. While understanding logic forms a foundational base, true innovation and emotional resonance stem from thinking beyond the ordinary. Creativity, a manifestation of imagination, becomes the beacon leading us to uncharted territories.

Boosting business, often counterintuitive, is grounded in applied rationality. Perfection in products or services is a precondition, but the real differentiator lies beyond a mere highlight of specs. Fearlessly venturing outside comfort zones unlocks the magic inherent in authenticity. The essence of a brand lies in unraveling the stories behind products or services – the narrative that resonates emotionally.

Master the art of business

For those seeking inspiration mastering the art of business, unconventional strategies await exploration:

1. Snoitnevnoc (Challenging Conventions (written backward ;-)): Flip the script by challenging assumptions and reversing typical thought processes. Instead of pondering how to enhance your brand, consider what could potentially harm or devalue it.

2. CCT (Customer-Centric Thinking): Elevate your brand by creating value that transcends current market offerings. Understanding both existing and potential customer needs becomes the compass guiding this approach.

3. ERRC (Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create): A holistic strategy involving the elimination of unnecessary factors, the reduction of elements below industry standards, the elevation of specific aspects beyond norms, and the creation of entirely new factors through innovation. This method sets companies apart, attracting new customers in an otherwise crowded market.

Some examples of companies wo did exactly that:


  • Humor and Relatability: Blendtec, a blender manufacturer, gained widespread attention through their “Will It Blend?” video series. The humorous videos feature the blending of unusual items, from iPhones to golf balls. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

  • The emotional appeal lies in the entertaining and unexpected nature of the content, creating a memorable and shareable brand experience. This unconventional approach helped Blendtec massively  increase brand visibility and sales.


  • Customer Happiness and Company Culture: Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer, focuses on creating an emotional connection through exceptional customer service and a unique company culture.
  • Their emphasis on customer happiness, embodied in initiatives like surprise upgrades and personalized interactions, goes beyond transactions. By fostering positive emotions, Zappos has built a strong brand reputation and customer loyalty.


  • Creativity and Playfulness: MailChimp, an email marketing platform, stands out by infusing creativity and playfulness into its branding. From quirky marketing campaigns to their playful mascot, Freddie the chimpanzee, MailChimp appeals to the emotional side of users.
  • The brand’s unconventional and approachable image has contributed to its popularity, especially among creative professionals and small businesses.

I hope you found this an inspiring story and sparked inspiration that propelled you forward in your thinking and doing. When you’ve seen the light but still want more or an extra ‘rational’ to get started, contact me here or here: +31618987510.

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